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er_rp's Journal

County General - An ER RPG
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Roleplaying group based on the NBC hit drama "ER"
In the last few minutes of the finale, we saw County General as it has been familiar to us over the past fifteen years and were shown that it will go on being that way indefinitely. That is the focus of this group, the future of County General and what happened after the lights went dark. Will familiar faces return to County? Who will the new faces be? And what challenges will they all face in a place of medicine, drama, lust and love? That is for our players to answer.

All characters that were alive as of the series finale can be played, even if they were not currently at County at the end we can write them in. However, anyone who was dead as of the series finale will have to remain dead. It is much easier to explain a return to County then a character coming back to life. And because the faces of the ER keep changing, we allow and even encourage fan made characters to join the storyline.


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